Book, Model and Accessory Reviews

Reviews of all sorts of items of interest to military vehicle enthsiasts.

Book or Product Subject Reviewer
Commonwealth Soldier Figure Brett Green
Commonwealth Armour Decals (Ultracast) Brett Green
Canadian Armour Decals (Ultracast) Brett Green
Sherman Firefly (DML Kit) Cookie Sewell
Commonwealth Vehicle Accessories (Ultracast) Brett Green
Commonwealth Heads (Ultracast) Brett Green
Commonwealth Tank Crew (Ultracast) Brett Green
British WE210 M4 Tracks (RHPS) Cookie Sewell
Canadian Armour Decals (Ultracast) Brett Green
Commonwealth Infantry and Tank Crew Figures Brett Green
British One Gallon Oil Cans (Ultracast) Brett Green
British WWII Heads with Officer's Caps (Ultracast) Brett Green
British WWII Tank Crew Figures and Heads Brett Green
British Infantry Equipments - Book Review John Prigent
M-10 Tank Destroyer (AFV Club) Cookie Sewell
Land Rover (JS Models) Ian Sadler